These are the guidelines for the VNPS Potowmack Chapter Group.

This group is open to those interested in the native plants of Virginia, particularly in the Potowmack region. We hope to offer an inviting learning environment and share knowledge. Novices to experts are all welcome. We expect members of the group to adhere to the topic of native plants.

We strongly encourage you to join the Virginia Native Plant Society, however, you don't have to be a VNPS member. While this group is moderated by VNPS members, it is NOT to be considered an official communication forum of the VNPS.

Our Messages archives and Wiki are viewable and searchable by the public. However, only members can post messages to the group.
Please respect your fellow members' time and attention: strive to be clear, concise and courteous. Our subject matter naturally includes matters of opinion; if you happen to disagree with another member please do so politely. 

All discussion is expected to remain civil, courteous, and suitable for a general audience. Don't post anything that a reasonable person would consider offensive, abusive, or hate speech.
Attachments are allowed and the judicious use of photos and other illustrations is encouraged.

Members may not advertise products or services in this group, but may offer their personal recommendations. These will not be considered an official endorsement by the VNPS.

Discussion which does not adhere to these guidelines may be removed by the moderators.

We are always looking for suggestions from our members to make this group better for all. Feel free to address any questions, comments, or concerns directly to the group moderators via email to

Thank you.

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